C.J. is an entrepreneur, educator, author, speaker, & startup strategist with 30+ years' experience teaching entrepreneurship & starting small businesses. He holds an MBA from Babson College, & is a leader in entrepreneurial education. C.J. has designed startup programs for youth & adults, is certified in Driving Economic Growth Through Entrepreneurship Ecosystems through Babson Executive Edu, & is a certified internal corporate coach.


Jill is an entrepreneur, author & designer who specializes in the development of online educational courses & platforms. She's provided custom project development, management & technical support for students & teachers in startup programs & workshops with focus on utilizing new technologies in education & startup.
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In 2014, we developed entrepreneurship courses to disrupt the overpriced & outdated models of the startup education industry. Empowered by all those who provided feedback in our early entrepreneurship workshops, our startup education set us apart by bringing you high quality at radically low prices. By creating & connecting vibrant startup networks, we grew far beyond the local workshop model, becoming an online community of entrepreneurs from all around the U.S.

More recently, our focus is on delivering comprehensive startup labs. We're inspired by your ideas and innovations. XP Labs & community network embodies this very spirit. XP Labs is built for adventurous & creative people who dare to disrupt the status-quo; it's built for you! Our mission is to help you monetize your talents & live your best life on your own terms through startup!


We deliver industry-specific startup labs & online support networks, that are designed to help you leverage your existing talents in business startup. XP Startup Labs utilizes the best startup strategies in the industry from qualified leaders in entrepreneurial action.

Our online platform is fully responsive, reacting with the user in mind & enhances usability no matter the device used. Flawless on all devices, it’s optimized to be fast-loading & secure. Loading speed, security & privacy all equals great member experiences. You'll be engaged with training that offers an industry-specific and  familiar vibe by design & real-time activities to keep you moving forward. You'll be able to watch videos, listen to audios, read interactive eBooks, take & store notes online, discuss your startup with us & others, earn certificates, & more!
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XP Labs was created on the belief that startup education shouldn't break the bank, as many universities & colleges do. Our goal is to change the way you think about startup by delivering superior training at radically fair prices. While traditional institutions of higher learning certainly have their place, we felt there must be a better way than lengthy & expensive programs with heavy focus on entrepreneurial theory that may not even result in mastery of actions required to get to startup.

Online courses are a great alternative but sadly, it's a space fraught with scams & gimmicks that excite while failing to deliver success. We wanted to create something innovative - high-quality and comprehensive labs that utilize all the best startup strategies from leading strategists in the industry - and that's exactly what we’ve done through the development of XP Startup Labs.


We're about more than just quality startup labs - we're also an active online community, because social networking is crucial to your startup's success! We’ve all heard of entrepreneurs dropping out of college after launching wildly successful startups, but a lesser known fact is that colleges offered them all something that helped their success - vibrant social networks.

Once signed up, personal profiles enable you to share a photo & highlight your achievements & community contributions. You can create public discussion posts & polls, follow friends & send private messages to each other & us. You don’t have to go it alone once your Stage 1 Startup course  is complete, because we’ll still be there offering our support! If you’re undecided to train with us, that’s ok - you can still join our completely free (no strings) community below, & be sure to follow us on social media as well!
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